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About Appslack

Appslack was developed from a single idea, an idea that a concerned, 56-year-old grandmother had while trying to use interactive children's apps on her iPad for her grandchild. In 2012, the market of children's learning books mainly offered "pay as you go" children's books with on-going inappropriate advertisements. The app books offered were not organised into any clear format. The books offered at that time were not organised into any clear format and seemed to be catered more towards advertising than education. This caused frustration to a grandmother eho simply wanted to teach her grandson how to read.

This woman, Tammy Robertson, decided that instead of avoiding the technology she wished to utilize, she would embrace it and started "Appslack" in her small Canadian town. Having little to no computer skills, Tammy vigorously researched app programming and development and realized that she needed help. It looked like most app companies outsourced to cheaper foreign countries to keep their developmental costs down. Tammy disagreed with this business model as she wanted her company to be instilled with Canadian values and designed and created in Canada. Tammy started advertising to see if it was possible to get local artists to illustrate in a new format for the books that she started writing.

Tammy was overwhelmed at the local talent that submitted applications for the job. Tammy quickly realized there was lack of options for local artists to submit work on an ongoing basis and get paid. Tammy completed her first book, Good Dino - Dino Plays Outside, in early 2013. A character and a company were born. Local artists designed Appslack's logo, art, and all designs. During one of many interviews, a new friendship was also consummated when Tammy met with a loyal, competent, energetic, and knowledgeable graphics artist with animation and programming skills.

This is when she met Eddie Kiriliuk. Eddie has two children (3 years old and 1 year old) and a passion to see the same for his children as Tammy does. Tammy and Eddie share a common goal; to write, illustrate, animate, produce, and distribute "Children's Interactive Touch Books." interactive Books that would not only teach children to read within a clear well-designed format, but will also be free of any advertisements or sales gimmicks. The app books were to be hand drawn with updated iPad/tablet functionality to keep a new generation of young readers engrossed in the content and entertained while learning to read.

Over the span of most of 2013, Tammy and Eddie were only able to generate a single App, as Tammy and Eddie both had full-time jobs. The funding for the project was coming from Tammy's personal vacation fund, which she was saving from her full-time job. Many pitfalls happened along the way, but through their combined determination and passion for their original vision, the end product is an interactive children's touch book with animations that both Tammy and Eddie are truly proud of.

Appslack expects to develop a complete series of Good Dino books as well as a few new characters and lines of books in 2014. Tammy has now personally committed a large part of her retirement fund to make sure Appslack can continue to grow. Tammy and Eddie's goal is to share quality educational material with like-minded parents through Appslack.