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Teddy's Big Race

Teddy and Felix work hard to prepare for the big annual race. Can hard work pay off? Who will win the race? Join them today!
Series Name: Teddy The Tadpole
Author: Tammy Robertson
Publisher: Tammy Robertson
Book Publication Date: 27 Apr,2015

Characters In This Book

Felix is a Blue Tang fish. Ever since
Teddy got lost in the ocean and had
no home, Felix has taken care of him.
With the help of Oscar the Octopus, the
three of them go on many adventures
together. Come explore the wonderful
world of Teddy, Felix and Oscar. You
never know what new adventures await
you today!
Oscar is a friendly octopus. Being
the eldest of 13, he is a responsible
and caring friend. After finding a lost
tadpole with his friend Felix one day, 
they take on the responsibility of caring
for and raising the tadpole. Join Oscar
as he helps Felix raise Teddy to become
friends and good care givers. You may
end up finding yourself on an adventure
or two!
After getting lost as a tadpole,
Oscar and Felix find him and help
raise him in the ocean. Having a
very curious nature and an
even bigger appetite, go on
adventures with Teddy as he
discovers the importance of
friendship, responsibility
most importantly, food!