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Marla's Camping Adventures

Join Marla and her friends as they go on their first camping trip together. Discover all the great things that happen when you go camping.
Series Name: Marla The Armadillo
Author: Tammy Robertson
Publisher: Tammy Robertson
Book Publication Date: 27 Apr,2015

Characters In This Book

Marla is not your typical Armadillo.
Marla is a curious little armadillo with
a big heart and an even bigger
curiosity. Join Marla and her friends
as they learn about all the little things
in life and you may find yourself
on an adventure or two along the way.
Greta is a curious gecko.
One day while traveling in the
forest she came across a
friendly armadillo named
Marla. Soon after the two friends
became best of friends. Join
Greta and Marla as they 
explore the world around them.
Who will they meet along
their adventures?
After getting lost as a tadpole,
Greta and Marla find him and help
him find a new home in Marla's pond.
Having a very curious nature and an
even bigger appetite, go on
adventures with Teddy as he discovers
friendship, responsibility and
most importantly, food!