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The Opposites Incident

Hank and Rob find 2 eggs. Come on an adventure to find the rightful home of the eggs while learning about opposites and shapes, colours and distances. Will they get the eggs back home before they hatch?
Series Name: Hank The Hippo
Author: Tammy Robertson
Publisher: Tammy Robertson
Book Publication Date: 27 Apr,2015

Characters In This Book

Hank is a young hippo that
likes to spend time with
his friends Rob and
Summer. They love playing
and always getting into
new adventures. Having
an enormous appetite
and an even bigger curiosity,
Hank always finds himself
in new adventures. Luckily
for him, He has Rob and
Summer to keep him safe.
Join Hank as he learns about
shapes, numbers, and other
things while going on a few
fun filled adventures.
Rob is a baby rhinoceros that
loves spending his days
playing with his friends Summer
and Hank. His curious mind and
bold adventurous personality
constantly lands Hank and
himself into trouble. But with
Summer the squirrel to help
them out their adventures always
end happily and safely. Join
the threesome on their next
adventure and find out why
so many kids have fallen
in love with Hank, Rob and
Summer the squirrel is a smart
and protective friend to Rob
and Hank. She always makes
sure that Rob and Hank have a good
time learning about the world
around them while keeping them
safe from trouble. Summer is
very protective of Hank especially
as she knows he loves to get
himself into trouble. Join Summer
and her friends on their next
adventure and you are
bound to have hours of
laughter and fun.