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Germain's Birthday

Today is Germain's birthday. When Charlie comes over to visit, it seems he forgot all about it. What will happen? Will Germain have a birthday party? Will Germain get birthday gifts? Why doesn't Charlie remember? Join us to find out.
Series Name: Germain The Giraffe
Author: Tammy Robertson
Publisher: Tammy Robertson
Book Publication Date: 27 Apr,2015

Characters In This Book

Germain is a young baby giraffe
that likes to quietly follow Zoey
and Lenny wherever they go. 
Being the shy curious type,
you are sure to always see him 
hanging around not too far 
from the adventurous duo.
 Always providing comical 
relief due to his curious
nature, he is a great addition
to Lenny and Zoey's adventures.
Bella the Butterfly met Germain
one day while they were both
looking for some food in the forest.
After sharing a bushel of berries,
Germain and Bella have gone on
many adventures together and 
are close like brother and sister.
Germain has always looked up
to Bella, while Bella has always
trusted Germain to be her
protector in the forest. Together
they are inseparable and love
exploring new places and
meeting new animals. What
kind of adventure will they
go on today?
Meet Charlie the Chimp. He is
a curious little chimp that loves to
fool around. After meeting
Bella and Germain, Charlie
seems to always bump into them
on every adventure. Perhaps
Charlie just likes to fool around
or maybe he has a fun
time goofing around. Either
way you are always sure to
have a good laugh when
Charlie is around.