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Dino's Bedtime

Dino is tired and wants to go to bed. Come help Dino prepare for bed. What must he do? Can you help him get to bed without forgetting everything that needs to be done before bedtime?
Series Name: Good Dino
Author: Tammy Robertson
Publisher: Tammy Robertson
Book Publication Date: 27 Apr,2015

Characters In This Book

Dino was a young dinosaur
out having an afternoon
nap when a thunderous rumble
in the jungle startled him.
 After exploring the jungle,
Dino found a lost and scared
 boy named Scott. Taking an
immediate liking to Scott,
Dino helped the boy find his
way home. Now Scott comes
back to visit Dino regularly as
they explore the world around
 them and learn valuable
lessons while getting into all
kinds of troublesome adventures.
One summer day Scott's father was
working in a backyard lab
when Scott accidentally turned
 on his father's new, experimental
time machine. Thrown back
65 million years, Scott found
himself lost and alone. Eventually
Scott stumbled across Petey, who
introduced him to Dino. Dino helped
Scott find his way back home, 
and ever since that fateful day, 
Scott has come back to visit
Dino and Petey. The three
voyagers have had lots of fun
and exciting adventures
along the way.
After Scott foudn himself alone
on his first adventure into the
prehistoric past, he first found
Petey the Pterodactyl. Petey had
gotten separated from his mother
and  needed help. Petey introduced
Scott to Dino and together they
helped Petey find his home.
Since then, the three of them
have become best friends,
never having been apart from
each other. Although Petey
doesnít like to talk, he is
always around to help the
two troublesome adventurers
when help is most needed.