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When I Grow Up

Join Carleigh, Emerich, and Henry as they dream big dreams and imagine the different things they want to become when they grow up. What will be their choices? Come and find out today!
Series Name: Curious Carleigh
Author: Tammy Robertson
Publisher: Tammy Robertson
Book Publication Date: 27 Apr,2015

Characters In This Book

Carleigh is very curious and
she loves to explore everything
around her. Having a very
curious appetite she learns
about the world around her
with her two very good friends.
Take an adventure with
Carleigh and go on a
journey to learn about
all of life's important
Emerich is Carleigh's best friend
and next door neighbour. Since
they were only a year old, Emerich
and Carleigh have been inseperable.
They play together, learn together
and love taking adventures
together. Emerich has always
been like a big brother to Carleigh,
even though he is younger than
her by a few months. Together,
they learn about every day
life lessons and always
end up hunting for new
Henry is Carleigh latest friend. They
met in grade one during lunch break.
Henry finds Carleigh's fascination in
all things interesting and he
enjoys going on adventures with 
Carleigh and Emerich. Help 
Henry, Carleigh and Emerich
explore the wonders of the
world around them. Maybe they
will invite you on an adventure!