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Miri's New Friend

Miri and Clonker decide to go on a picnic. Their picnic gets interrupted by a stranger. Join Miri as she makes a new friend in this exciting story about friendship and politeness.
Series Name: Meerkat Miri
Author: Tammy Robertson
Publisher: Tammy Robertson
Book Publication Date: 27 Apr,2015

Characters In This Book

Miri the Meerkat is a baby
that has a very curious appetite
for exploring. With the help
of Clonker the robot, Miri
takes on the new world
around her. Every day is
a new adventure, and
every experience is
a wonder to behold with
Miri the Meerkat.
Clonker the robot is Miri's
trusted helper. He takes care of
Miri and makes sure she is
always safe. He helps her learn
about all the wonderful things
around her. A true friend and
an even better protector, 
Clonker is the perfect
sidekick to Miri's daily
adventures into the new
and unexplored.
Mommy the Meerkat is Miri's
mother. She helps Miri grow up and
makes sure that Miri's days are full
of adventure and learning.
Summer the squirrel is a smart
and protective friend to Rob
and Hank. She always makes
sure that Rob and Hank have a good
time learning about the world
around them while keeping them
safe from trouble. Summer is
very protective of Hank especially
as she knows he loves to get
himself into trouble. Join Summer
and her friends on their next
adventure and you are
bound to have hours of
laughter and fun.