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When Night Falls

After a full day of playing, Zoey and Lenny visit all the different animals of Africa to say goodnight to them. Learn about the different animals that live in Africa and their natural habitats they live in.
Series Name: Zoey The Zorilla
Author: Tammy Robertson
Publisher: Tammy Robertson
Book Publication Date: 27 Apr,2015

Characters In This Book

Zoey is a zorilla who that travels across
Africa. After getting separated from 
her pack, she sets out on an 
adventure to find her family again. 
Joined by her friend Larry the 
Lycaon (an orphaned pup), they 
travel across Africa. Join these
 two big hearted adventurers on 
their journey across the 
great plains of Africa.
Lenny the Lycaon was orphaned
at a young age when his mother
disappeared during a terrible flood.
After wondering the plains of
Africa and getting into trouble
he met Zoey. Together they
learn the meaning of friendship
and get into many adventures
trying to help Zoey find
her pack so that she can be
reunited with her mother.
Germain is a young baby giraffe
that likes to quietly follow Zoey
and Lenny wherever they go. 
Being the shy curious type,
you are sure to always see him 
hanging around not too far 
from the adventurous duo.
 Always providing comical 
relief due to his curious
nature, he is a great addition
to Lenny and Zoey's adventures.