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Dino the dinosaur loves to play with his friend Scott. Dino's adventure gets him into trouble, and Scott tries to help him out. Can Dino keep from getting dirty? Will Scott be able to help his friend? Find out in the first adventure in the Good Dino series. Now available on iTunes!
When Dino and Scott find a blue egg in the forest, they must try to find it's mother before it's too late. Help Dino, Scott and Petey find the egg's mother while learning about the different types of animals and where they come from. 
Zoey and Lenny love playing games. Zoey's favourite game is hide-and-seek. Join Zoey as she tries to find Lenny hiding in the wild. Learn about the different animals found in the wilds of Africa while trying to guess the animals before Zoey can.
Miri has a hard time learning to walk. She is frustrated and needs help. Can Clonker teach her to walk? Will Miri be able to join the other children in playing on her feet? Learn the importance of perseverance and hard work. Great motivation for toddlers who want to learn how to walk.
Clonker comes to play with Miri only to find out that she is sick. Join Clonker as he tries to help Miri get better. Learn about friendship, the difference between hot and cold, as well as other great meaningful activities to help someone who is sick feel better.
It's Miri's birthday! Miri is excited but everyone seems to have forgotten it's her birthday. What will Miri do? Join Miri and discover the importance of patience and good will.
After a full day of playing, Zoey and Lenny visit all the different animals of Africa to say goodnight to them. Learn about the different animals that live in Africa and their natural habitats they live in.
Learn the importance of friends and the wonderful things friends do together through this fun story about what it means to be a friend. 
Join Lenny and Zoey as they learn the importance of sharing during play time. Can they learn to share or will their play time be ruined because of their lack of sharing?
Carleigh went to school today and forgot her rain jacket. As rain starts pouring, what will Carleigh do to avoid getting wet? Join Carleigh and friends to find out.
Join Carleigh, Emerich, and Henry as they dream big dreams and imagine the different things they want to become when they grow up. What will be their choices? Come and find out today!
Join Carleigh as she prepares for bedtime. What must she do before resting her head for the night? Come and find out with this fun filled book on bedtime.
Join Carleigh, Emerich, and Henry as they spend the day on the beach. On such a hot day there is only one way to cool off... water balloon fight! Come join in the fun!
Come join Germain and Bella as they learn about near and far. Discover the difference between the relevance of being close, far, to the side and above. All while having fun!
Come join Bella and Germain as they try to find a place to rest their heads for the night. Will they find the perfect spot before they get too tired? Join them and find out now.
As Germain, Bella, and Charlie spend the day playing, they see a new fox hanging around. Why is the fox so shy? Will they be able to make a new friend today? Come discover the importance of being polite and friendly. You never know what new friends you might end up making.
Join Hank, Rob and Summer as they visit the zoo and discover all the different animals while learning the alphabet.
Hank and Rob find a bottle. It has a treasure inside. But they can't get the bottle open. Discover the importance of working together. You might just find the best treasure of all!
Hank and Rob find 2 eggs. Come on an adventure to find the rightful home of the eggs while learning about opposites and shapes, colours and distances. Will they get the eggs back home before they hatch?
Come join Marla and Greta as they help a lost tadpole by giving him a new home. Also learn about metamorphosis and how animals change as they grow up.
Come join Marla and the gang as they spend New Year's Day remembering all the months of the year and the important events that occur on those months.
Help Marla learns how to tell her right side from her left. Discover an easy way to learn the difference and remember them.
Join Marla and her friends as they follow a treasure map and go on an adventure in discovery of different shapes and colours.
Join Marla and her friends as they go on their first camping trip together. Discover all the great things that happen when you go camping.
Join Teddy as he goes on a trip of discovery. What will Teddy find in the depths of the ocean today?
Join Teddy and his friends as they decide to form a band. Will hard work and lots of practice help them for their big class recital?
Teddy has big dreams on what he wants to do when he grows up? Join him on a journey of discovery.
Teddy decides to grow a lily pad. Can hard work and perseverance pay off? Will Teddy successfully grow a lily pad?
Join Teddy and friends as they rhyme through numbers. Learn to rhyme and count.